We aim to serve.

At DIMCO, we strive to make our customer’s jobs easier by stocking the products they need and offering finishing options to fit their specifications.

  • If our customers need a small piece cut from a bar, sheet or plate, we can saw-cut, shear or flame-cut the material exactly to the size needed.
  • We fill large, detailed orders on a regular basis for our clients. For example, we recently delivered a truckload of 12″ pipe, Sch. 30 pipe cut into 85″ pieces and banded into 5-piece bundles.
  • In addition to cutting services, we punch holes and prime coat structural steel with water-soluble primer.
  • Other services such as press brake work and rolling sheets, bars and structurals are provided through our close network of business partners.
  • If your requirements include having materials pickled and oiled or galvanized, we can ensure these finishing techniques are done to the highest quality.